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Places to see in Bangkok

April 30th, 2017 by Bangkok Lady 2015 | Filed under Bangkok Attractions.

Places to see in Bangkok

If you have already decided where to stay in Bangkok and found hotels Bangkok Thailand for your trip, then your next priority should be to make a list of things to do Bangkok, places to go in Bangkok and places to see in Bangkok. After all, you are visiting this wonderful city for these purposes.
Bangkok is known as the city of tourists. It is more famous for its nightlife but it does not mean that you can’t do anything in evening or early in the morning. For families and individuals who are visiting Bangkok, very first time should know that you can do a lot of things in this wonderful city. There are many shopping malls to explore, historical places to learn about and so many world-popular Buddha temples etc.
I am sharing my quick guide of Bangkok Thailand in which I will talk about things to do Bangkok, places to see in Bangkok, places to go in Bangkok:

Grand Palace

photo from FB Peerapong Yosthasarn

its beautiful interior which is same as it was built at the start. I would appreciate for this to the authorities of this palace who are taking care of this palace to keep it as original as possible. This place is open early in the morning at 8:30. So mark to visit this place on your list of places to see in Bangkok. You can spend few hours there as there is much see in this palace. You can also take help from hotels Bangkok Thailand to arrange a tour for you to this place as most of the hotels in Bangkok do offer tourist services to their guest for free or at very cheap rates. If you have planned to go on your own then you can take a taxi to reach this place. This palace is located on Na Phra Lan Road.

Terminal 21

No, this is not the name of airport or transport hub but it is the famous shopping mall in Bangkok. Each floor of this shopping mall has been named on the different international city to make it unique for the tourists. Mark this place on your list of places to go in Bangkok as you can purchase so many things for your friends and family and gift them when you go back to your home. Each floor is not just named for international city but also the theme of the floor has been inspired by the famous things of those cities. For example, the London floor has been decorated with its famous red phone booths etc.

Floating Market

Floating Market is one of my most favorite places to go in Bangkok. I have hardly seen such kind of concept in any other country of the world, or at least the countries I have visited. This floating market is built on a boat. You need to rent the boat for the shopping. The shops are floating on the water and full of different items to purchase. Usually, they sell eatable stuff.

National Museum

photo from FB Peerapong Yosthasarn
Historical and religious buildings in Bangkok are everywhere. But there is no better place than, visit National Museum to learn more about the civilization who use to live there. The tour guide there explain everything in English very well, so you do not need to be worried about to miss important things while each item of this museum is labeled with some information to learn.

Lumpini Park

The entry to this park is totally free. It has been opened early in the morning at 5 am and keeps opened till 9 PM. It is a great place to visit with family to spend quality time. You can enjoy boating in the lake of this park, view of beautiful lawns and Chinese pagoda etc.

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