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Recommendations Regarding Mourning Period

November 3rd, 2016 by Bangkok Lady 2015 | Filed under Bangkok Attractions.

Recommendations Regarding Mourning Period For His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thailand is the most popular among the Southeast Asian vacation destinations. The country welcomes millions of tourists every year. Lush greenery, dense forests and pristine beaches always enthrall tourists from far and wide. Combine it with the luxurious and budget-friendly accommodations. Your first visit here will make you fall in love with this beautiful country.


Photo from facebook Bigg Sirirojwong

Bangkok is perhaps the most frequented tourist destination in Thailand. Quite naturally, the search with the keyword “Bangkok hotels” will come up with thousands of economic accommodations. The heavenly experience waiting in your choice accommodation is sure to tempt you stay here as much as possible.
Recommendations for the mourning period

As you know, Thailand is now in mourning for the death of its beloved King Bhoomibol Adulyadej. As a result, you may miss the enthusiasm you used to see in your previous visits. This does not have to scare you away from the country. Just be respectful of the residents’ way of expressing their grief. Keeping the following pointers will help you a lot here.

– Practice utmost caution in dressing
You may come across shops selling black dresses at affordable rates in the country. This for the natives is a must when subjects are expressing their respect for the late King. But, you don’t have to wear black to show respect. Wearing plain colors like white is highly appreciated.

– Stay updated
Keep an eye on local media for advice from authorities. You should also practice utmost caution when visiting crowded areas.

– Be considerate
Treat everyone you come across as though the person is grieving the death of the King. Do not discuss anything about the royal family. Remember, laws in Thailand in this regard are quite stringent. If found out, both you and the native will have to bear huge penalties.

– Check Government advisories
There are no clearly outlined rules as to what places you should avoid during your tour. The only option is to act as per the media updates you may receive from time to time.
The Grand Palace in Bangkok will remain closed.

– Consider nearby destinations
If you came to know about the King’s death only after arranging an exciting vacation, you don’t have to despair. Trips to nearby countries from Thailand are quite affordable. You can stay in any of the Bangkok hotels and enjoy a fabulous vacation in the neighboring nations like Indonesia.

– Exercise caution when enjoying nightlife
The Government of the country has requested cooperation from entertainment industry. This means that certain events like the famous full moon party will be cancelled. Still, business will remain unaffected. See to it that you are practicing utmost caution when enjoying nightlife there.
With the Government guaranteeing business as usual, tourists don’t have to cancel their trips. All they have to do is to respect the grieving subjects of the monarch there.
And, locating an accommodation here is a breeze. Almost all Bangkok hotels offer luxury par excellence at a ridiculously low rate.

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