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Things to do Bangkok

March 30th, 2017 by Bangkok Lady 2015 | Filed under Bangkok Attractions.

Things to do Bangkok

If you have already decided where to stay in Bangkok then the next step should be to plan your schedule for places to see in Bangkok and places to go in Bangkok. Following we are sharing the list of best things to do Bangkok which also include the places to see and places to visit as well. So, if you are planning to visit Bangkok then this list will surely help you to get best of Bangkok in very short time.

Grand Palace and Wat Po

This is one of the oldest palaces of the city which has been built in the 15th century. Due to its amusing architecture and art, this place is always on the top of the list of tourists. The temple of this palace also has the famous golden Buddha statue. The both buildings Grand Palace and Wat Po are located side by side. So, you can explore them in one day at the same time. The entry fee for Grand Palace is 500 THB where 100 THB for Wat Po.

Wat Arun

It is another famous temple of the city which is known for its beauty. It has been hundreds of year since the building is standing with the same beauty as it was first to built. You can visit there in night or daylight. Both times offers you totally different views of the building. The cost to enter in Wat Arun is only 50 THB. You are allowed to explore the whole temple and also to go to the top floor of the temple from where you can see the whole city. The temple is located next to the Chao Phraya River due to which its beauty further enhances. There are many stalls of food are also there to eat.

Lumpini Park

If you are coming to Bangkok with the family then take you kids to the Lumpini Park. This park is consisting of many big grounds where kids can play. For adults, there are several physical activities to do which include riding the bicycle, exploring the park through its jogging paths, weight lifting and attending the Tai Chai classes etc. You can also visit this park for the picnic with friends and family. Food and drinks have been sold in the park.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Sadly this market is opened on weekend only but if you are lucky to stay in Bangkok on weekend, then you should not miss visiting in this market. You can purchase almost anything from this market in very cheap and affordable prices. It is also the best market to purchase gifts for friends and family at the reasonable price. The market also has many stalls of good food. So, try some of the delicious street food of Bangkok from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The market only opens on Saturday and Sunday and it’s open almost whole day and night.

Floating Market

Have you ever been in a market which floats on the water? If not, then visit the Floating Market of Bangkok which is specially made for the tourists, You need to book your boat and start exploring the different boats of this market which are full with different products to purchase. Other than shopping, this market is also a great place for photography and enjoying the food. You must go there to experience totally new thing which is hard to found in any other part of the world.

Watch live show at Patravadi

If you want to enjoy different types of live shows then visit this place. You can enjoy live music, dance, drumming shows and theater. This place has been founded by the famous actress of Thailand. The purpose of this place is to aware tourists with the rich art culture of the country.

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